We Buy Used Pinball Machines

We Buy Used Pinball Machines

I buy old pinball machines. Turn your unwanted pinball machine into cash.

Central Florida Pinball Restorations

Central Florida Pinball Restorations

Taking my love of pinball from a simple start at age 10 where I used to play pinball in a local Woolworth department store while my mother shopped.

1970 Williams Solids N Stripes

1970 Williams Solids N Stripes

Actual pool table layout in the playfield shoot anyone of 6 pockets from flippers, 5 pop bumpers, ball saving UpPost.

1966 Williams A-Go-Go

1966 Williams A-Go-Go

Captive Ball (Roulette Wheel), Unique 4 flipper set up, drop down style front cabinet which required shorter 25” legs.

1979 Bally Supersonic

1979 Bally Supersonic

Concorde Supersonic Jet themed, Early electronic game play featuring electronic sounds, right hand outlane return ball gate.

Specializing in early 1970’s thru early 1990’s restorations

Specializing in early 1970’s thru early 1990’s restorations

We do full or partial restorations, cabinet refinishing/repainting, wood panel replacement, and custom stencil work. Let us make your favorite pinball machine look like NEW!



A Work of Art

Around 20 years ago, I received an old Williams Klondike machine in settlement of a debt. It sat in storage all these years, needing minor repairs, until Hurricane Michael caused some major damage.  I decided that I should either get the machine repaired, or just throw it away.  When I started looking into repairing this vintage pinball machine, one name kept coming up, over and over – Joe Ruggiero of Pinball Restorations.  We decided to take our machine to Joe and see if he could repair it.  But then 2 things happened. First, we saw all the beautiful restored machines in his shop; and second, we found out that a total restoration was only a little bit more than a repair job.  We decided to go for the total restoration, Continue Reading

Mark Anderson William's Klondike October 23, 2020

Black Knight 2000

I purchased a Pinball machine from Pinball Restorations on October 15, 2020. The store was located in Eustis, Florida. The store front looked spectacular. Joe, the owner greeted me and showed me the various Pinball machines. I was in awe. I purchased the Black Knight 2000 machine from 1992. The machine being 28 years old actually looked brand new. The machine was very clean and operates fantastically. I am extremely happy with the machine and the terrific service I received.  Not to mention the price was very reasonable. Now, I am looking to purchase another machine from Joe. I highly recommend going to Pinball Restorations, if you want to have great fun by being an owner of a Pinball Machine.

Brad Stephen Black Knight 2000 October 19, 2020

Pinball Nirvana

Joe Ruggiero could not have been more helpful. In addition to promptly responding to my questions, he also provided a number of very helpful videos, specifically made to help with operating my machine (he knew I was a first time pinball owner). When it comes time to add another machine to my basement, Joe will be the first person I contact. Thanks for making a grown up kids dream come true. Playing the game is like owning a time machine.

Larry LeClerc Bally Monte Carlo October 10, 2020

Great machine

If you want the best go to the best. they are a great group of guys to deal with and just to talk with. if you have any problems Joe and his men are there to fix it. The machine is a great machine. sorry I took Joes favorite machine. its all mine now.

Jack Orlando Target Alpha July 16, 2020

My Stargate Pinball Game Looks & Plays Like New Again

We had a complete restoration of our Stargate pinball machine as we were having some serious issues with the machine and it wouldn’t even play. If you have seen the pictures they do not do it justice; it looks and plays like brand new. We were completely blown away when the pinball machine came back and was set up. The attention to detail from Joe and his crew is second to none. I opened the play field and the cabinet inside was spotless. We could not be more pleased with the results and it was done in a timely manner and at a very reasonable cost. If I could I would give them 10 Stars. We were in communication the entire time he had the machine and Joe kept us Continue Reading

Michael Shepherd Stargate July 1, 2020

Great Restoration

Ordered and received a 1974 Fast Draw pinball machine and could not be any more pleased. the machine exceeded my expectations . The exterior of the machine was in pristine condition like it just came from the factory and excellent working condition. Joe was very helpful in describing the working of the machine and sent explanatory videos which explained it further. Shipping was almost immediate after my purchase. If your looking for a restored machine , Joe and his team are the ones to go to.

Robert Alfonsi Fast Draw June 23, 2020

Pinball Excellence

Just purchased a Striker Xtreme pinball from Joe at Pinball Restoration. The machine looks new but is over 30 Years old. I can’t believe that but it is true. Joe and his team did a magnificent job in restoring this machine. The service is impeccable, from the beginning of the sale to the end delivery. I highly recommend Joe and to anyone interested in purchasing a pinball machine or for that matter restoring an existing machine. You will be extremely happy.

Bryan J. Stern Striker Xtreme June 21, 2020

Out of this world

We would like to thank Joe and his guys for such great work getting our Space Invader pinball machine back to excellent working condition. My wife and I love playing and can not wait for the grand kids to play. Joe and his men are the best, it was great to stop in at the shop to see their work in progress. They always made us feel welcome and to show us the different machines and play a few. We are truly happy with Pinball Restoration’s work and professionalism that we will recommend them to anyone looking to restore their pinball machine. Thanks again to Joe and his team.Paul & Paula Space Invaders

Paul Greenwood Bally Space Invaders June 10, 2020

It’s a new machine

Wow, machine looks like new. My son had picked it up from a friend years ago in an inoperable condition. Joe brought the machine back to life and looks like new. Myself and my grandkids love it.

Bob Holmden Space Odyssey June 9, 2020

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Honest and Professional

Purchased the machine on consignment, so Joe and his team didn’t get to work on it. However, the pictures and description online made the condition of the machine clear. Furthermore, working with Joe was easy – be it by phone, text, or email, he was certain to get my business.

Kurt Schneider The Shadow May 20, 2020

Reviving good memories

Finding Joe was a blessing! I found an old childhood Bally Viking machine that I spent several rainy Saturdays playing as a kid. Once I found it on E bay I bought it but it needed lots of work 🙁 I found Joe on the internet and he had restored one like mine in the past. So had wishes of reliving great childhood memories! He did not disappoint! He is the pinball wizard doctor! He does not only share the same dreams but has the knowledge of all game and all technical issues and the finished product came out better than I can ever dream. You will not be disappointed using his services. Shoot again player!

Allan Girouard Viking April 12, 2020

Another great purchase

This is my 5th purchase from Pinball Restoration in the last 8 months. I have a home arcade and all of my purchases have been with Joe (owner). This purchase was for Silverball Mania.  This machine is about 30 years old but looks new. Joe and his fabulous staff do outstanding work. Joe takes great pride in restoring each and every machine he sells. Joe is a perfectionist. Very loyal, knowledgeable and responsive to all your needs. You rarely find someone so dedicated in what they do. Highly recommend.

Steve Jarrett Silverball Mania March 29, 2020

Great Job

Joe and his staff where awesome in the diagnosis and rebuild of my machine. He suggested some different things I could do to really make my machine stand out. It is the hit of my man cave. Thanks a lot Joe !

Donnie Davis Dr Who March 21, 2020

Just amazing

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience with Joe and the Pinball Restorations company and crew.  Joe’s pricing is more than fair for the work that he and his crew do on these games is thorough, meticulous and just absolutely great. Just like his pictures online, the end product is absolutely stunning and every detail has been paid attention to. I have no reservations about recommending this group to anyone considering restoring a pinball machine.

Chip Aztec March 17, 2020

Love Our Machine

Found the shop by chance driving by.  Very glad we did.  Got  a terrific blast from the past machine – 1973 Bally’s Nip-It.  Joe is very knowledgable about all his machines and shared it as he showed us his great inventory.  He asked questions and we felt like he was really helping us to get just what we were looking for.  I thought that his delivery prices were very fair.  They delivered, set it up and tested it on site before leaving.  Also supplied electrical diagrams and articles from the year of manufacture that described the operation.  Lots of great authentic info.  The machine plays great and we’re very happy.  We’ll be going back to add to our collection soon! Many thanks to Joe and his staff for their great Continue Reading

Dan Newman Bally Nip-It March 11, 2020

Love my Pinball Machine

If you enjoy the retro pinball I highly recommend visiting Pinball restoration. I played 12 machines and then bought the one I enjoyed playing the most. The machine looks and plays great.

Robin Bally Supersonic February 17, 2020

Strike Master Bowling

This is the 4th Pinball/ Bowling machine I purchased from Joe in the past year. This Strike Master bowling machine which I purchased last week is absolutely fantastic. Joe and his fabulous staff restored this bowling machine. It is like brand new. The machine is actually over 35 years old. What a great job Joe and his staff provide. Loyalty, honesty and great customer service is only the beginning at what you can expect here. The only place I where I would purchase pinball machines. Thank you Joe.

Stephen Jarrett Strike Master February 13, 2020

Candy Store

I was looking to purchase my first machine. Joe’s showroom was a little over an hour away and I took the ride over. It was like entering a candy store. Restored machines for sale on one side and classics waiting for restoration. Joe explained the restoration process and you can see the work area. Just amazing. I ended up purchasing a restored machine and I was close enough to have it delivered and set up by Joe. Very happy with my purchase.

Andy Grosso Williams High Speed February 9, 2020

Great work

I was lucky to find Joe. The work was completed on time and the machine looks great. He gave me options on repairs from getting it working to a complete rework making it look new. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone looking to buy or repair a pinball machine.

D Snell NBA Fastbreak January 21, 2020

Joe’s the best

Oh, the memories…… Joe and his staff are #1 in my book. Restored an old Stellar Wars pinball machine to like new condition.  It brings back the good old days to my house. The customer service is top notch when dealing with Joe.  If anyone can make it to his showroom in Eustis, you should, it’s fabulous.  Cant wait for my next pinball machine.  I just need to make the den bigger!!!!!! Thanks again JOE ….

Sam Stellar Wars January 15, 2020


Joe was great in restoring my Mr & Mrs PacMan pinball…like new. Definitely recommend this company…

Joan Matonis Mr & Mrs PacMan Pinball January 4, 2020

Customer Support/Service

I incurred a minor issue with my Panther pinball machine purchased from Pinball Restorations in Eustis, Florida and contacted them for a resolution.  They promptly responded and were quick to fix the problem.  This is what separates companies; customer service and customer support. You can be assured that this company stands behind what they sell and actually care about their customers.  I wish more companies were like this one!

Steve Biko Panthera January 4, 2020

Flying Carpet

Joe and staff did a great job restoring my Gottlieb Flying Carpet. I played this machine for many years during my youth and always wanted one (now I got it). I don’t know how others interacted with Joe but I’ll tell my story. Joe took delivery of my machine from Las Vegas (he provided me a very reliable and reasonable cost shipping company to) and I met him at his shop to go over it. He carefully started to open it up and describe both how the unit worked and what he thought would need replacement/repair/cleaned/etc.. In the end he gave me all the options of what I wanted done!!! He also was very up front about the timeframe of getting it done (you are in a cue with other Continue Reading

Donald Owen Gottlieb Flying Carpet December 14, 2019


I bought the Panthera pinball machine and it has been a really good experience all-around. The upgraded LED lights are fantastic. I would highly recommend this company because they delivered everything promised.  I could not be happier with them.

Steve Biko Panthera November 25, 2019

Christmas…the second time around!

Unbelievable! Tommy looks and plays like new. We are so happy with the restoration…when we saw the machine after the restoration was complete, we were speechless. The machine had been boxed up for years because it didn’t work and we couldn’t find anyone to restore or repair. Well, now we have Joe!  Thank you so very much!!! ! !

Sara Grubbs Tommy’s pinball wizard November 23, 2019

F-14 Tomcat machine

From the moment I walked into Joe’s shop all the way through delivery, it has been a great experience. I was given details on how to and when to do certain tweaks if needed I play the game as often as I can, (haven’t beat the high score still loaded) Joe was able to arrange for delivery to my home which is (5) hours from my shop, it was set up and checked out before leaving Joe has even been available when there were questions a few months after delivery.

Perry Ehli F-14 Tomcat November 23, 2019

Great experience once again

This is the third pinball we bought from Joe this year. This is the only place we would purchase pinball machines from. Joe does it all and he restores pinballs to almost brand new working condition. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but he is a pleasure to work with. What a loyal and honest person. Thank you Joe for making this a great experience. All 3 machines work like they were brand new.  I now have one from 1976, 1983 and 1994. All look great and the many comments from friends, can’t believe they are all 25 plus years old. Thanks again!

Stephen Jarrett Amazon Hunt October 2, 2019

Great Experience

We would highly recommend Pinball Restoration.  It is not very often that you find a business with both owner integrity and merchandise quality. We found both with Pinball Restoration.  Joe took the time to give us guidance and detailed information on the ownership of a pinball machine. We are now the owners of 2 beautifully restored pinball machines. The work that was done to restore them was outstanding. We would absolutely use their service in the future and highly recommend them.  Thank you Joe.

Steve & Donna Jarrett Royal Flush & Big Hurt August 3, 2019

1987 F-14 Tomcat, Restoration done to perfection

From the start Joe was helpful, knowledgeable, and straight forward. Joe explained in detail the procedure for our restoration. He got me in contact with a gentlemen that transports pinball machines all over the east coast and I was able to arrange transport from my home to Joe’s shop and back for an extremely reasonable price. Joe listened to our concerns and respected my wifes requests to leave some aspects of the machine worn (she is a pinball enthusiest and likes our machines exterior wear as part of its story.) Joe’s pricing is extreamly reasonable and his attention to detail is evident while playing. My wife has been glued to the flipper buttons since we got it back!!!!!! Thanks again Pinball Restorations for this great experience!!

Michael Siena Williams F-14 Tomcat August 1, 2019

I am a kid again

I shopped on line many sites for pinball machines, I found pinball restorations and found out they were less than an hour away.  I spoke with Joe and he invited me to his store.  I had six machines in my price range.  I tried all six machines and narrowed down to 2.  I played both machines again.  I chose lost world because it was fast, everything worked and it had many scoring features. I chose to pay the extra fee for Joe to deliver and set up.  Joe delivered the machine two days later.  It was the right choice.  He showed me how the machine worked preventative maintenance and answered many questions.  About a month later I had a problem with the game firing up.  I called joe and he Continue Reading

Gerry Greenstein Lost World July 27, 2019


I’ve been trying to find a nice Stingray for quite some time – they are not easy to find!  We bought a few that were OK, but no prizes.  I was looking at some of the work Joe does and saw he had a Stingray.  Medium story short, we now own a really nice one!  Joe did a great job, great communication along the way.  He setup shipping (thanks Rick!) and now we couldn’t be happier.   Thanks again Joe!

Josh Stern Stingray July 15, 2019

Joe does it all!

The only think Joe cares about is his customers. First rate restoration! The machine works like it did when it was new.  I’m totally happy with how everything was handled. Very professional. No one will ever touch my machines but Joe. I completely trust him…:)

Gary Cannova Gottlieb, El Dorado July 7, 2019

Finally !

You do not get 5 stars across the board if you do not conduct business in a proper way. 5 STARS all day long. thank you!

Ben Foed Upper deck 1972 May 14, 2019

Kids and Adults Love it

We purchased a Stern Stingray Pinball machine for our kids’ Christmas this past year. We had it plugged in and waiting by the Christmas tree when they woke up. Neither one had ever played a vintage machine. But, they fell in love with it! We have had a great time playing. It’s a 4 person, so we all get to compete against each other. It’s just as much fun playing now as it was back when I played as a kid. The graphics and sounds are incredible. Joe and his staff really care about the quality of the restoration. We definitely would recommend purchasing a game from Pinball Restorations.

Angie Bridges Stern Stingray January 16, 2019

Awesome Christmas Surpise

Great experience purchasing our pinball machine. Joe was there for our delivery and we had one small problem and Joe made a special trip out. The grandkids were so excited and so were our older sons. Great way to keep them off their ipads for a while. We have a daily winner who gets to wear the pinball hat Joe gave us. If you are in the market for a pinball machine this is the place to go…

Danny Williams Firepower II January 3, 2019

Tee’d off

Great customer service……. quality work and very helpful ! You can tell they have a passion for restoration.

Jeff Pinball sale November 20, 2018

Awesome job

We had been looking for an older pinball machine and found Pinball Restoration on line. We took a trip to the shop where Joe met us and allowed us to try all the machines he had available. We chose a Williams Sorcerer machine. Joe and his crew did an amazing job restoring it to like new. The led lights make the colors pop and the play action off the bumpers is fantastic. You really would think it is brand new and not just restored. Love it! Love it!

Terri B Williams Sorcerer November 17, 2018

Lawman Restore

I had Joe and his crew restore a 1971 Lawman. All I can say is that Joe brought the machine back to it’s 1971 days. His attention to detail was second to none. The machine is awesome in appearance and in play. I can not say enough about his work and love of pinball machines. I HIGHLY recommend him for your pinball needs and wants. I would give him a solid 10 if I could. Thank you so much!!

Rick H - U.S. Navy (ret) Gottlieb Lawman October 2, 2018

Goin’ Nuts

What a fantastic job. We’re recreating a Goin’ Nuts pinball and the cabinet work is fabulous. This will be an excellent addition to the collection.

Paul Goin' Nuts May 12, 2018

Exceptional customer service and quality work

When I decided to buy the 1976 Williams Aztec, Joe was insistent on completing the work to such detail that he would not let the machine go out the door before confidently making sure every last detail was complete. His work is impeccable to every last detail. He certainly is more concerned about the meeting the highest standard of the operation of the machine than he is about just making the sale. He made sure I knew more about the machine before he let me walk out with it than was certainly expected. His attentiveness to detail and his knowledge Is 2nd to none. Thanks Joe!

Eric Restoration of 1976 Williams Aztec May 5, 2018

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Fish Tales better than New

Joe is a class act and he delivered a perfect pinball to me in quick order. I highly recommend Joe for any of your pinball wishes, he is a solid dude.

B Lunsford Fish Tales Restoration April 29, 2018

Artistic and detailed

First let me say Joe is an honest guy. He puts a ton of sweat equity into his returns and will not let a single detail escape HIS eye. If you truly want a machine that plays like new, he is your guy. Then, if you want, he takes it to another level with enhanced lighting and improving the original art or lighting colors. He is painstaking in his approach and it shows at the end of the day. Super happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend pinball restorations.

David Main Refurbished Bally Star Trek February 21, 2018

Amazing job

Joe restored my Firepower machine complete with new paint, new parts and LED lights. Looks great! Like a new machine!! Functions perfectly. Did an amazing job! Can’t believe the difference. Joe is great to work with … job was done timely and as promised. Thanks Joe!

Ken Feicht Firepower February 21, 2018

Helpful and Professional

I purchased a machine that Joe had restored. Machine works terrific and we could not be more satisfied with our transaction. Thank You

Ronald Turturro 1973 Williams Darling February 4, 2018

Awesome restoration job

Recently bought a Restored F-14 Tomcat . Service was great , friendly, done on time as they promised and what a great job! The detail is impeccable . Our family is having a blast playing . Thank you for all your help and patience while we made this purchase . Highly recommend pinball restorations and would use this company again.

Mike Wilkinson F-14 Tomcat November 21, 2017

1977 Williams Liberty Bell

Earlier this year, I had purchased a 1976 Williams Space Odyssey from Joe. It is such a blast to play and Joe did such a fantastic job on the restoration, I knew immediately that I wanted another EM from Joe. I saw that he had a 1977 Williams Liberty Bell that I thought would go perfectly together with the Space Odyssey. Joe and I spoke about the Liberty Bell’s restoration and made a plan on how we thought best to restore it. I cannot express enough on how gorgeous the Liberty Bell turned out and the attention to detail that Joe put into the restoration was fantastic. I now have two amazing ‘70s era EM pinball machines thanks to Joe. Thanks again Joe, you truly are the best.

Danny Alexander 1977 Williams Liberty Bell October 25, 2017

Refurbished a FirePower machine

We have had our refurbished FirePower machine for less than a week and our family has already spent many hours playing it! It looks amazing with all of the LED lights Joe installed. It’s really a beautiful machine. Joe told us we would probably get addicted. He was right. 😀 We are already looking for machine #2!! Thanks so much, Joe!!

Mike and Tami McDonald FirePower!! August 13, 2017

Turning back the hands of time

I bought a perfectly restored Hollywood Heat pinball machine and every light, bumper, and target works like a new machine. The playfield is as clean as when it left the factory. Joe delivered the machine to my house and went over everything about it before leaving. I highly recommend Joe and his company.

Jim Dryer Hollywood Heat pinball August 4, 2017

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Vintage Beauty

Joe did a beautiful job of restoring our 1966 Chicago Coin TV-Baseball game. While he could have made it new, we both agreed that the vintage look was best. I used to play the game by the hour at our local bowling alley when I was a kid and it transports me back every time I play now. Fun to share with my kids and their friends! He did a great job of upgrading some LED lighting and fixing every problem the machine had so that it plays like new or better. Thanks!

Chuck Nichols TV-Baseball (pitch & bat) July 15, 2017

Amazing Outcome

I brought Joe a non working Bally Eight Ball with hopes of getting it working and cleaned up a little. I was blown away by the completed restoration, not only was it working like new he brought the worn dingy playfield back to life. The full cabinet repaint was amazing and the upgrade to LED lights really set the machine off. I found Joe to have passion and attention to detail with his restoration process. I highly recommend Pinball Restorations to anyone looking to bring there game back to life, in fact I am already in search of my next machine for Joe to transform.

Brian Kruse Bally Eight Ball June 9, 2017

Courteous and professional

About a year ago I bought  a partially restored Firepower Pinball machine. The lady and her father didn’t have the time to finish it. I sought out Joe from meeting him at Florida’s “Free Play” event last year and spoke to him about finishing the restoration. Joe has always been courteous and professional. Joe did exactly what I asked him to and recommended a few things along the way. His quote and two week time frame to finish the machine were both spot on when I picked it up 2 weeks later. Fire Power is beautiful. It looks like the day it rolls off the floor. I highly recommend and trust Joe to work on my pins. His skills are amazing. He is currently working on a Liberty Belle for Continue Reading

Darren Firepower April 19, 2017

Very grateful

We purchased a restored 1976 Williams Space Odyssey from Joe a couple of weeks ago.  I have wanted an old school EM pinball like I played back in the ‘70s and this Space Odyssey was perfect.  Joe was fantastic to deal with and was over the top helpful with all of my questions.  He did a fantastic job on the restoration and it plays just like it was new in 1976.  My wife and I have had a tremendous amount of fun playing it.  Joe helped me fulfill a Bucket List item that I have had for a very long time and I am very grateful.  Thanks Joe, you are the best.

Danny Alexander 1976 Williams Space Odyssey April 18, 2017

Terrific Job

We bought a great FirePower II pinball game that Joe had restored, and are absolutely happy with it! Joe did a terrific job making sure everything worked and looked great. The wife and I play every night, and it’s the hit of our parties. Thanks Joe!

Bo Stewart FirePower II March 17, 2017

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