A Work of Art

Around 20 years ago, I received an old Williams Klondike machine in settlement of a debt. It sat in storage all these years, needing minor repairs, until Hurricane Michael caused some major damage.  I decided that I should either get the machine repaired, or just throw it away.  When I started looking into repairing this vintage pinball machine, one name kept coming up, over and over – Joe Ruggiero of Pinball Restorations.  We decided to take our machine to Joe and see if he could repair it.  But then 2 things happened. First, we saw all the beautiful restored machines in his shop; and second, we found out that a total restoration was only a little bit more than a repair job.  We decided to go for the total restoration, and we are so glad we did.  Not only can I enjoy playing my machine, but also it is a true work of art.  The restoration was complete, and meticulous.  I couldn’t be happier.