Protective Wrapping Service for your restored pinball machine


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Step 1Cut and wrap entire machine in felt blanket to protect the paint.
Step 2Cut and tape in place 2" corner braces over all edges including down the outside of the legs.
Step 3Cut heavy duty bulk cardboard and wrap around the felt & corner braces.
Step 4Wrap the entire head & cabinet in heavy duty stretch wrap.
Step 5Add corner brace over the front of the ball shooter so it doesn't get snapped off during the move.
Step 6Add large "Please use care - Glass Top" decals to each side of the lower cabinet.

Packaging and wrapping products for shipment.

Since these restored machines have fresh paint and in some cases have to travel 1,000+ miles to its destination, I have had inquiries about packaging options. I came up with a successful system that involves wrapping the machine in a blanket of felt, adding cardboard corner braces along the wood cabinet corners, adding the same cardboard braces down the outside of the metal legs, adding the corner brace to the front coin slot & plunger area, then stretch wrapping around the cabinet, head and legs to secure everything in place and finally place a large decal on each side of the cabinet that boldly states “Please Use Care – Glass Top”.

All in all it takes two people about two hours to do it correctly

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