• Pinball Restorations, Gottlieb Mario Andretti

1995 Gottlieb Mario Andretti


Beautiful low production Mario Andretti pinball. Fast, fast game. 4 ball multi-ball action play.

Cabinet nicks and scratches were touched up. Legs were cleaned and shined. New leg bolts and adjusters were added. Playfield was stripped, cleaned, polished then waxed. Game plays 100% as it should. Flippers and bumpers were all rebuilt with new parts both above and below the playfield. Game was converted to LED lights. Translite was cleaned and is as vibrant as it was when new. New piece of tempered playfield glass was added. New power cord for safety. Front lock bar brackets were removed. Coin door was removed and painted. Lockdown bar was cleaned and polished to a high shine. DMD display was replaced with new. T-molding around the head was replaced with new.

Game needs nothing, come play for yourself.


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