• Pinball Restorations, Williams Shuffle Inn Deluxe Shuffle Alley Bowler

SOLD – 1990 Williams Shuffle Inn Deluxe Shuffle Alley


Game features new puck, new UMC Logo pins, new rebound rubber on all four sides of the alley, LED lighting, boards have been completely gone thru for reliability, new power cord for safety, new Stainless steel front apron tray, new instruction cards, alley has been cleaned and polished. Game cabinet has been completely repainted. Coin door has been repainted. Game plays great.

All our Shuffle Alley games come with the following:
1 can of Silicone Alley Spray
6 containers of Sun-Glo Shuffle Alley Powder
Game manual, wiring schematics and copy of the original sales flyer.

Price includes delivery and set up within 30 minutes of Eustis.


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