Current Unrestored Inventory List

Current unrestored inventory

Here is a list of the available machines we have in inventory. We can do as little or as much work as you want on them for the restoration process. Pricing is determined by the level of restoration you’d like us to do.

Last Updated on 04/12/2021

EM = Electro Mechanical. SS = Solid State.
NameEM or SSYear# of PlayersProduction
Gottlieb Top ScoreEM197523,200
Stern Stingray (#5)SS197743,006
NEW - Gottlieb CleopatraSS197747,300
NEW - Bally Eight Ball (Fonzie)SS1977420,230
Gottlieb Close Encounters of the third kind #2SS197849,950
Gottlieb Close Encounters of the third kind #3SS197849,950
Williams Phoenix (#1)SS197846,198
Stern LectronamoSS197842,423
Gottlieb Charlies AngelsSS197847,600
Gottlieb Sinbad (#2)SS1978412,000
Williams Gorgar (#2)SS1979414,000
Williams Time WarpSS197948,875
Gottlieb TotemSS197946,643
Stern TridentSS197943,757
NEW - Bally Harlem Globetrotters On TourSS1979414,550
Bally Flash Gordon (#3)SS1980410,000
Bally Flash Gordon (#4)SS1980410,000
Williams Blackout (#1)SS198047,050
SOLD - Williams Black KnightSS1980413,075
Bally Silverball Mania (#5)SS1980410,350
NEW - Bally Nitro Ground ShakerSS198047,950
NEW - Williams Blackout (#3)SS198047,050
Gottlieb VolcanoSS198143,655
Gottlieb Mars God of WarSS198145,240
SOLD - Bally Speakeasy
(2 player Add-A-Ball)
Williams Comet (#1)SS198548,100
Gottlieb RockSS198541,875
Williams Road Kings (#2)SS198645,500
SOLD - Williams Road Kings (#4)SS198645,500
Williams F-14 Tomcat (#5)SS1987414,502
NEW - Williams F-14 Tomcat (#7)SS1987414,502
Williams Jokerz (#2)SS198845,403
Williams Terminator 2 (#1)SS1991415,202
Williams Getaway: High Speed IISS1992413,259
Data East Tales from the Crypt #1SS199344,500
Data East Tales from the Crypt #2SS199344,500
SOLD - Gottlieb WaterworldSS199541,500
Sega Independence DaySS199641,500
Sega Harley DavidsonSS19994Unknown
Stern Striker Xtreme (#3)SS20004Unknown
MACHINES COMING SOON... (pending pickup)
Gottlieb VictorySS198743,315
Gottlieb Gold WingsSS198643,620
Gottlieb Spirit of '76SS1975410,569
Williams Red & Ted's Road ShowSS199446,259
Bally Strikes and SparesSS1978412,820
Data East Torpedo AlleySS198841,002

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