1995 Frank Thomas: Big Hurt

Whether you are a Baseball fan or not, this machine is amazing!! This is a 4-multi-ball game featuring lots to do on this playfield. One of the unique features is to get past the “swinging glove” in at the rear of the playfield. This game has lots of sound, voices and crowd cheering. Game has a DMD display up in the head. Low production game at only 1,985 units made.

Playfield was stripped, polished and reassembled with new rubber rings. Playfield plastics were cleaned and polished. Warped plastics were heated and straightened out. Power cord was replaced for safety. Machine was converted to LED bulbs. Cold solder joints on the boards were reflowed. Bad wiring was professionally repaired. All playfield decals were replaced with a new set. All games come with Manual, schematics and copy of original sales flyer.

Work still left to be done.
Siderails, legs and lockdown bar will be powder coated black. Cabinet artwork will be touched up. New playfield glass will be installed.

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