1966 Williams A-Go-Go

1966 Williams A-Go-Go

Unique Features

Captive Ball (Roulette Wheel), Unique 4 flipper set up, drop down style front cabinet which required shorter 25” legs.

Restoration Details

Full cabinet restoration including wood damage repair & cabinet respray.
Playfield stripped, cleaned with Novus 3, 2 & 1 and then waxed. Worn paint areas touched up.
Mechanical – relay contacts cleaned/gapped, broken wires repaired, new rubber ring kit installed.
Mechanical – 100 turns of wire were unwound from each bumper coil for more kick.
Backglass – New reproduction. Light panel behind backglass was repainted.
LED bulb conversion/upgrade.


Game Details 
Game NameA-Go-Go
Number of Players4
Date of Release1966
Qty Produced5,100
TypeElectro-mechanical (EM)
Model Number320

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